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How will recent Social Security expansion efforts benefit older Americans?
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  • Sharon Moore

    December 21, 2019: Sharon Moore, 75, is grateful for Medicare’s guaranteed benefits. She says that without them, she is afraid she would not be able to afford her prescriptions and would likely have to sell the house she has lived in for 22 years. Read More >

  • Joyce Bourgault

    December 21, 2019: Joyce Bourgault, 67, recently retired from her job as Executive Director of Helping Hands free clinic in Columbus, Ohio. While there, she saw more seniors who could not afford their health care there than she expected. Their modes Read More >

  • Rebecca Freund

    December 21, 2019: Rebecca Freund, 62, has Medicare to thank for her medical needs being met the past 9 years. With her disability, she says she might be out on the street without Medicare. “I want to do everything I can possibly do to fight ba Read More >

  • Thomas Bird

    December 21, 2019: Tom Bird, 65, says that Medicare is extremely important to him. He has diabetes and it requires daily monitoring and medications, so he wants to make sure Medicare is not cut or privatized. He also says the changes that the Aff Read More >

  • Steve Johnson

    December 12, 2019: Steve Johnson, 66, says that without his Medicare benefits, he would not have been able to afford to repair a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder. “I would have been left in immense pain, unable to sleep and unable to use my ar Read More >

  • Tracy Cuccia

    December 08, 2019: Tracy Cuccia, 56, worked for Wisconsin's state health insurance helpline, and with careful planning was able to retire at 55. She says that changing the rules midstream unfairly affects those who planned ahead - and made their dec Read More >

  • Wendy Boszak

    December 08, 2019: Wendy Boszak, 68, is president of Women of Washoe - WOW, the first all-woman chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans and the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans. Recently, she and her colleagues gathered about 150 signatur Read More >

  • Dave Starkson

    December 07, 2019: Dave Starkson, 67, lives in Glendale, Arizona, but is ready to downsize to another town nearby. He is on Medicare, which is a major reason he is able to retire. Between his Medicare benefits and the lower utilities and mortgage Read More >

  • Medicare Stories – Louis Forrisi

    December 02, 2019: Louis Forrisi, 68, of Siler City, North Carolina, appreciates Medicare after his recent knee replacement. “I just received a full knee replacement, and may I say I am so happy that Medicare is in existence,” said Louis. “ Read More >

  • Medicare Stories – Gail Rygiewicz

    December 02, 2019: Gail Rygiewicz, 67, of Franksville, Wisconsin is grateful for Medicare. “Medicare has allowed me to maintain an independent lifestyle without relying on my children to help me financially,” says Gail. “I worked outside th Read More >

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