Our Issues

    Get involved! Here’s how you can take action:

    Economic Security – Tell Congress to expand our earned Social Security benefits and urge them  to require that the Social Security Administration base future COLAs on the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E), which much more accurately reflects the cost of things retirees purchase, including health care and housing.

    Retirement Security – Defined benefit pension plans are under attack. Read our fact sheets, attend our local events, and join our lobbying efforts to ensure that America’s retirees, their spouses and their partners are able to maintain their standard of living after a lifetime of work. Americans should not fall into poverty as they age.

    Health Care Security – Medicare just celebrated its 54th Birthday. Help make sure it lasts another 50 years by sharing your story about what the program has meant to you and your family. Read about the experiences of other Alliance members and educate your children and grandchildren about this American success story, so that Medicare remains strong for them.