About Us

The Alliance for Retired Americans is a grassroots advocacy organization with 4.4 million members. Founded by the AFL-CIO in 2001, the Alliance now has 39 state alliances and members in every state.

The Alliance’s retiree activists are from all walks of life. We are former teachers, auto workers, state and federal government workers, construction workers, and community leaders united in the belief that every American deserves a secure and dignified retirement after a lifetime of hard work.

Alliance members understand the power of collective action to create change in their communities and the country. Often working in coalitions, we educate the public and policymakers about critical issues facing older Americans and working families. Our members lobby elected officials, take direct action through creative demonstrations and protests, organize online, and fight for labor movement priorities.

Alliance members are highly engaged and active, holding hundreds of meetings, membership conventions, news conferences, lobbying visits, and actions each year to advance the goal of a more secure retirement for all.