Tell Congress to Require Medicare to Negotiate Lower Drug Prices

Congress is on the verge of passing Medicare drug price negotiation. Click "Take Action Here" to tell your members that they must lower drug prices NOW!
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Alliance for Retired Americans
Alliance for Retired AmericansSunday, June 26th, 2022 at 5:00pm

ICYMI: Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Rick Scott, and others have all said that they plan to go after Social Security and Medicare if they regain power.

This November, don't give them that chance.

Petition to Expand Social Security

Retirees have earned their Social Security benefits over a lifetime of hard work. Sign our petition to demand that Congress take action to protect and expand Social Security so it can continue to be there for current and future generations.

I want to help save Medicare!

Older Americans rely on Medicare, but it doesn't cover everything.

It's time to add hearing, dental and vision to the plan.