Chicago-Metro Retirees Local Chapter Meeting

Help save our healthcare by attending the Illinois Alliance's local chapter meeting on Monday, April 24th. Stand up for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
Where: SEIU Healthcare | When: 10:30 AM |

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Alliance for Retired Americans
Alliance for Retired AmericansWednesday, May 24th, 2017 at 5:40pm

Among people ages 55 to 64, 84 percent had at least one pre-existing condition in 2014.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's numbers are especially troubling for anyone with a pre-existing condition. Premium increases are going to be massive for this group. #ThisIsntCare #Trumpcare

Gary Miller The republican party don't care about the American people vote them out.
Brenda Gayle Tucker Yep that is the plan for the republican party keep giving $1 trillion $500 billion a yr. to the top % so then can run and hide more money if offshore accounts hell the top % only has $21 trillion dollars in offshore accounts and if you google the % of people who is on Gov. assistance who makes $80,000 a yr. and up it is 20% so hell yes beat the hell out of the min wage working poor and seniors on food stamps who most of the time the min. wage workers works at the corporate companies who is hiding trillions of dollars in offshore accounts so they don't have to pay taxes so hell yes lets beat the shit out of the working poor and seniors again ! Also does these republican realize how many Vets and Military families are on food stamps and Gov. assistance ? Do they even care?
Fredrick McGraw Are you listening Arkansas MOCs? It is past time you represent your constituents and not just the GOP talking points, drug companies, and the wealthy!
Debora Kelly DiBono Vote them out 2018!!

Speaker Paul Ryan and Congress want to destroy healthcare

Speaker Paul Ryan and Secretary of HHS Tom Price are going after your health care. They are using code words to try and fool the American people into thinking their plans will improve health care. Don't get tripped up. Learn what their plan means for your health care.

I want to help save Medicare!

Join the Alliance in fighting back against the Republican Assault on Medicare and Social Security. Click here to take action!