Chicago-Metro Retirees Local Chapter Meeting

Help save our healthcare by attending the Illinois Alliance's local chapter meeting on Monday, April 24th. Stand up for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
Where: SEIU Healthcare | When: 10:30 AM |

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Alliance for Retired Americans
Alliance for Retired AmericansMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 5:22pm

According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly three-quarters of Americans now disapprove of Congress’s job performance.

Not a surprise given their agenda to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to give even more tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

Kathy Brown We can't wait until 2018. They can destroy the middle class and poor. Look at the damage they have done to water, air and our county in the first 100.Taking retirement from people. Wanting to destroy Healthcare,SS, Medicare,meals on wheels, Free lunches for kids. Healthcare for women. We have to fight now.
Edwin J. McGrath American's Dissatisfaction with Speaker Paul Ryan, Congress Overall is Growing? When was the last time America was satisfied with their performance and I say performance because when they decide to actually do something it appears to be a theatrical performance with a lot of fanfare. Their level of approval has been rapidly deteriorating long before now in case you haven't noticed.
Karen Carunchia evil needs to be impeached and all his cronies go with him , we need a new election do over as the last one was a real dud, nothing good just bad has come out of it never seen it this bad ever.
Kate Saundby I agree, and I heartily endorse the proposal to pay them $15.00 for every hour that they actually WORK instead of the six figure incomes they enjoy now whether they're actually at work at their desks or not.
Roger Kouchi Paul Ryan is bad for America. Excerpt: This is Ryan’s way to justify that all social programs need to be gutted. Basically, rich, white people will fill in the gap and provide mentoring to the poor, inner-city black folks that they moved far, far away from. At the same time, there is no need to raise the minimum wage in this country and we also need to destroy unions, since they drive away jobs due to their demands for a living wage for their members. In the end, Ryan’s solutions are for there to be no social safety net and the driving down of median wages. But, no worries. The free-market and basic human decency will provide all the solutions needed. What is especially disgusting here is the notion that all poverty is centered around inner-city black men and that nobody else utilizes the social programs that Ryan demonizes. He is making sure to stoke the racist flames already ablaze within the Republican Party by going down this route. Ryan is essentially doing the same thing that Reagan did when he brought up the ‘welfare queen’ myth. Working Poor By 2013, the ranks of the working poor had swelled to 47 million people in the U.S. (1 out of every 7 Americans). ¼ of all American workers are in jobs paying below what a full time, full-year worker needs to support a family of 4 above the federally defined poverty line. CEOs seeking profits in a lackluster economy have continued to slash labor costs, often by outsourcing the work, substituting automated machines or forcing workers to accept lower wages. Employers in these industries tend to be violently anti-union and have fought successfully against any efforts to organize their workers. Congress (to be more precise, Republicans in Congress) has chosen NOT to raise the minimum wage to compensate for the steady erosion of the minimum wage by inflation.
Robby Comer Can't figure this guy out, there's a lot of darkness in him.
Jacqueline Bolles Some of us are remarkably slow at reacting, but at last!!! Before they steal every last cent from us...............................!
Gary Miller Unless you want to over throw the government in 2018 & 2020 lets destroy the republican party because they are trying to destroy America
Julia Cato I've been dissatisfied with him for years. He is a mean, mean man.
Daniel Martin Off with their heads! (oh wait, we can't do that!) out the bozos!!!
Tom Harding vote him and everyone else GOP out on Nov. 2018!!
Norbert Sinclair
Norbert Sinclair
Kevin Andersen
Ron-Rocko Cytlak
Bernice Waddington With good reason-
Ernie Southern The Worm Ryan
Jonathan Yorck kick him out and then lock him up!
Michael Kearney 2018, people!!!
John Rollo fire them all start over
Dan Redmon Recall Ryan!
Norbert Sinclair FUCK LYING RYAN

Speaker Paul Ryan and Congress want to destroy healthcare

Speaker Paul Ryan and Secretary of HHS Tom Price are going after your health care. They are using code words to try and fool the American people into thinking their plans will improve health care. Don't get tripped up. Learn what their plan means for your health care.

I want to help save Medicare!

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