CAN Mission

Alliance for Retired Americans CAN Mission Statement

The Community Advocacy Network (CAN) is the community and individual membership program of the Alliance for Retired Americans. CAN members, in partnership with sponsoring organizations of the Alliance, work to ensure that all seniors and retirees can live a life of dignity and retirement security. The CAN program is the mechanism to bring non-union members and individual union members into the advocacy programs of the Alliance. Our focus is to protect and expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and pensions, to provide retirement security.

Membership Definition

A CAN member is individual who pays his/her own dues to the national Alliance and is not a member of a participating sponsoring organization. (Sponsoring organizations are listed on the Alliance website

CAN is designed to give a voice to the individual members of the Alliance, and provide a mechanism to reach out to other individuals and community based organizations. Through this outreach, new individual members and activists can become members of the Alliance.