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December 02, 2019

Medicare Stories – Gail Rygiewicz

gail-rygiewiczGail Rygiewicz, 67, of Franksville, Wisconsin is grateful for Medicare.

“Medicare has allowed me to maintain an independent lifestyle without relying on my children to help me financially,” says Gail. “I worked outside the home until retirement, investing in retirement as I could while raising a family, feeling confident I’d have enough invested to care for myself.”

Concerned about maintaining her health and her independence, Gail cites preventive care as a key benefit under Medicare. She says that “having Medicare plus supplemental coverage has allowed me to be proactive in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I can prevent health concerns that are within my control.”

“Being not wealthy, but secure, I can maintain my mental health, which is just as important as physical health,” Gail adds.

She notes that Medicare has reduced the poverty level for seniors, helping the economy overall.

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