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December 02, 2019

Medicare Stories – Louis Forrisi

louis-forrisiLouis Forrisi, 68, of Siler City, North Carolina, appreciates Medicare after his recent knee replacement.

“I just received a full knee replacement, and may I say I am so happy that Medicare is in existence,” said Louis. “Medicare took care of everything from hospital bills to physical therapy, and it paid for a walker as well.”

“I am also fortunate that Medicare supplemental coverage picked up where Medicare left off,” he added.

Louis commented on getting older in general, and the toll it takes on one’s body. “Baby Boomers are living longer, but the problem is that their joints are not lasting any longer than they always did.  There is not a pill to repair knees, hips and shoulders.  When I was younger, I didn’t think about retirement, but now at 68, that is all I think about.”

He concludes, “In many cases, the Members of Congress who are not voting to protect and preserve Medicare and Social Security don’t need it themselves and have no compassion for the folks who do.  Many of those elected officials who are younger will likely grow old themselves one day and need the same care I’ve needed. God have mercy on their souls when they do.”

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