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Francena Dwyer

Francena Dwyer, 64, would like to remind Congress that a person’s health can change overnight.  For Francena, it was a chemical injury.  She was an English professor at a community college in Connecticut for more than 20 years until her deteriorating health forced her to ta... Read more

Sharon Moore

Sharon Moore, 75, is grateful for Medicare’s guaranteed benefits. She says that without them, she is afraid she would not be able to afford her prescriptions and would likely have to sell the house she has lived in for 22 years. Sharon has had two knees replaced and has a sh... Read more

Joyce Bourgault

Joyce Bourgault, 67, recently retired from her job as Executive Director of Helping Hands free clinic in Columbus, Ohio. While there, she saw more seniors who could not afford their health care there than she expected. Their modest Social Security benefits was all some of them ha... Read more

Rebecca Freund

Rebecca Freund, 62, has Medicare to thank for her medical needs being met the past 9 years. With her disability, she says she might be out on the street without Medicare. “I want to do everything I can possibly do to fight back against cuts and privatization, and for expansi... Read more

Thomas Bird

Tom Bird, 65, says that Medicare is extremely important to him. He has diabetes and it requires daily monitoring and medications, so he wants to make sure Medicare is not cut or privatized. He also says the changes that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) brought to Medicare have ma... Read more

Medicare Stories – Carroll Jackson

Carroll Jackson of Seattle, Washington quickly learned of the importance of Medicare at the age of 75 when she underwent heart bypass surgery. Due to a medical error, Carroll spent April and May of 2010 in the hospital racking up costly bills. Shortly after her procedure, Carr... Read more

Medicare Stories – Diana Madoshi

Diana Madoshi, 69, of Rocklin, California started working at age 17, then put herself thorough school and earned a B.S. degree in nursing. Her nursing career enabled her to start an IRA and obtain a mortgage to buy a home. All the time that she worked – sometimes two jobs ... Read more

Medicare Stories – Don Bennett

Don Bennett, of Burien, Washington, 74, has been retired from the U.S. Postal Service for 11 years. He feels fortunate to have the quality of life that he enjoys during retirement - in large part due to Medicare. Still, he has had to be creative in order to maintain a decent stan... Read more

Medicare Stories – Mary Land

Mary Land, 58, of Racine, Wisconsin, knows the value of Medicare all too well after watching her mother, 88, cope with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and make remarkable progress. “My mother was just able to use her Medicare benefits to enter into a rehab facility ... Read more