July 28, 2017

Tell President Trump – No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid


We need your help to protect our retirement security. During his campaign, President Trump pledged that he would not make any cuts to Social Security and Medicare. But House Republicans are using their latest budget proposal as a way to attack these programs.

We must make him keep his promise! Please sign our petition urging him to stop cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

The latest Trustees Reports show that Social Security and Medicare are still going strong.

Social Security will be able cover payouts and expenses until 2034, which is consistent with previous reports.  The Medicare Trust Fund for hospital care will now be able to cover its expenses until 2029, a year later than previously reported.

We should be strengthening and expanding these programs for future generations instead of gutting them.

Please sign the petition today and look for more opportunities to speak out.


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6 thoughts on “Tell President Trump – No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid”

  1. I have worked hard all my life, with the promise that, if I paid into SS my Healthcare would be taken care of when I retired! The government has dipped into these funds on numerous occasions to fund other bills, never to repay SS. In my book, that’s stealing from me, and every American that has contributed to SS! I’M ANGERED AND OFFENDED by this!!! The FOR MUST BE STOPPED !!!!!!!

  2. The common good and the general welfare of all citizens require that Medicare be maintained. A better use of our representatives time would be creating jobs that assist people and their dependents. Congress must be seen to be working for the common good and not to be increasing inequality. Frankly, the idea of going through my life being 1/15th of a voter in Wyoming angers me.

  3. I read that Repubs want to increase defense spending, lower taxes and reduce entitlements..I say let’s leave defense spending where it is, make billionaires and millionaires pay their fair share and LEAVE MY MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY ALONE!!
    The can’t lower taxes enough on seniors to make it worthwhile…

  4. I’ve been working for over 40 years, paying into Medicare and Social Security. I do have some retirement funds, but not enough to live on for very long. Destroying Medicare would kill me within a few years. This is a betrayal of American values

  5. Hello, I called my Rep Lamar Smith and expressed the hands-off Medicare and Social Security. I was told that Rep Smith is against cutting current benefits. I am in shock, but happy for that. Still have to talk to the mean Texas senators.

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