February 22, 2017

Tell Heller Health Care Rally

This week, as Senators and Members of Congress return to their home districts to meet with their constituents, members of the Alliance for Retired Americans are taking the opportunity to tell their elected representatives that they DO NOT support taking health care from millions of Americans.

Alliance activists are encourage to ask their member these questions:

  • With Speaker Ryan is planning to include Medicare changes – including premium support, which will end Medicare’s guaranteed benefits — in the ACA repeal and replace bill, where do you stand on guaranteed benefits?
  • Do you support raising the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67? If so, how are you going to ensure that people younger than 67 can get affordable coverage that provides the same benefits as they would have had under Medicare?
  • Millions of seniors rely on Medicaid to pay for nursing home care. Do you support cutting Medicaid funding to states? What will happen to older Americans who need long-term care at home or in a nursing home?
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