May 09, 2022

White House Issues “Older Americans Month” Proclamation

The White House has officially proclaimed the month of May “Older Americans Month,” outlining a number of programs and resources that will help seniors remain safe and healthy as they age.

President Biden noted that the American Rescue Plan, passed into law in 2021, invested $1.4 billion to provide older adults with services for nutrition, health promotion, disease prevention, caregiver support, and long-term care. It also provided additional Medicaid funding to support millions of older adults with disabilities and to help states improve the quality of caregiving jobs.

“Older Americans contribute their time and wisdom to make our communities stronger, more informed, and better connected,” said Biden in the proclamation. “They are our loved ones, friends, mentors, essential workers, volunteers, and neighbors.”

In addition, the proclamation stated that the Administration is dedicated to improving the safety and quality of care in nursing homes — ensuring that facilities have sufficient staff, that families have the necessary information to support their loved ones, and that poorly performing nursing homes are held accountable.

“This White House is truly committed to providing the resources that seniors need to have a secure and healthy retirement,” said Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance. “President Biden is a strong ally and Alliance members are determined to work with him to expand Social Security and lower drug prices.”

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