February 27, 2023

Take Action: Sign the Alliance’s Petition to Save Social Security

Even though the extremist Republicans stood during the State of the Union to supposedly show “support” for Social Security and Medicare, they are scheming to cut our earned benefits. They aren’t even keeping it a secret, going on television to promote their wacky plans and drafting legislation to cut the benefits we earned.

Please click now. Sign our petition and tell Congress not to mess with the Social Security benefits we’ve earned.

A growing number of anti-retiree politicians are hawking plans that raise the retirement age to 70 (or higher!); to privatize Social Security (and let Wall Street gamble with our retirement); or to reduce benefits.

Those aren’t just bad ideas – they are CUTS to the benefits we’ve earned.


“We need all hands on deck. Please, sign our petition now,” said Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance. “We must continually remind Congress that Social Security is earned, and that they need to keep the promise made to generations of Americans.”

Click here. Let’s make sure Congress is on notice that we won’t let anyone cut Social Security.

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