Medicare Stories

January 11, 2020

Suzy Taylor

Several years after Suzy retired, her former employer, United Airlines, filed for bankruptcy. Her pension was reduced 30%, and she has had to do freelance work to make up the difference. She is still paying into Medicare through her supplemental work.

Suzy has been on Medicare for the past four years, and has benefited most from the free preventive care that it provides.

Like a lot of families, her family helped to assist with financial support for other family members. One of them is her brother, who used to be a truck driver. He has had five heart attacks and his heart functions at only 30%. He lost his job due to his heart problems, and her family has had to help cover his medical expenses. Prior to Medicare, her family was paying $250 a month for his medications. Now he has been on Medicare for three years and his health costs are dramatically lower.

“Retirees and workers should be very concerned over the drastic changes some of our elected officials now want to make that would threaten the dream we all have for a safe and secure retirement, including cuts to Medicare,” said Suzy.

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