February 05, 2024

Seniors Beware: Guaranteed Medicare Benefits at Risk if Trump Returns to Office

The following statement was issued by Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, in response to a Rolling Stone magazine article today detailing GOP plans to move quickly to privatize Medicare if Donald Trump is elected in 2024:

“After a lifetime of work, every older American has earned the right to guaranteed health care under Medicare. But those benefits are at risk if either Donald Trump or Nikki Haley is elected President this November.

It’s all in plain view. Rolling Stone magazine just reported that the 887-page policy blueprint for a second Trump Administration written by Republican operatives calls for fully privatizing  Medicare by making Medicare Advantage the ‘default enrollment option for people who are newly eligible for Medicare.’

“This scheme would be a boon to the profits of the private insurance corporations that are making billions in profits by reneging on their promises to provide seniors with more care for less money. Instead, they are delaying and denying care. Privatization would hurt the most vulnerable seniors: those with the least amount of money and the most need for health care.

“Instead of privatizing Medicare, President Biden is strengthening it. He is holding Medicare Advantage insurance companies accountable, requiring them to return improper payments and deliver the care patients need. He’s also bringing down the cost of prescription drugs. Already, insulin under Medicare is capped at $35 a month and even more lower prices are on the way through direct negotiation with the drug corporations.

“To truly look out for seniors’ best interests, we must strengthen traditional Medicare  — not end the promise of Medicare’s guaranteed benefits in favor of giveaways to wealthy corporations.”

The GOP blueprint can be read here. 


Contact: David Blank, dblank@retiredamericans.org

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