November 17, 2022

Retirees Congratulate Pelosi on Remarkable Career as Speaker

Statement of Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to step down as Speaker of the House.

“Seniors could not have asked for a better champion or more tireless advocate than Nancy Pelosi.

“Speaker Pelosi has shepherded landmark legislation through the U.S. House during her career, including the Inflation Reduction Act earlier this year to finally rein in prescription drug prices and the American Rescue Plan which saved millions of pensions in 2021.

“She has not only earned a perfect 100% lifetime pro-retiree score in the Alliance’s Congressional Voting Record, but time and again as Speaker and Democratic Leader she has strengthened retirement security for millions of Americans. History will remember her for protecting the earned Social Security and Medicare benefits that we have paid for through a lifetime of work during the course of her unmatched leadership.

“She was the principal force in stopping President George W. Bush’s reckless plan to privatize Social Security. She has saved Medicare from countless risky schemes and budget cuts. She ensured that the Affordable Care Act closed the prescription drug doughnut hole, provided free preventive health screenings for Medicare beneficiaries and provided protections for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions. Older Americans are leading more active and healthier lives because of Nancy Pelosi.”


Contact:  Lisa Cutler,

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