September 15, 2023

Retirees Back Striking UAW Workers

The following statement was issued by Robert Roach, Jr., President of the Alliance for Retired Americans, as UAW members strike for a fair contract with the Big 3 Automakers:

“The 4.4 million retiree members of the Alliance for Retired Americans stand shoulder to shoulder with the United Auto Workers’ fight to secure better wages and retirement security for their working members and retirees.

“No one wants a strike, but sometimes they are necessary. In this case, the auto corporations are making money hand over fist but they don’t want to give their workers a fair share of the wealth they helped create.

“The UAW believes that a fair share means wage increases and retirement security.

“UAW workers who were hired after 2007 do not have guaranteed pensions. Their 401(k) plans are without the security of a pension. Workers deserve better.

“Our Alliance retiree members stand in solidarity with the UAW. One More Day!”


Contact: David Blank,

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