October 07, 2020

Retiree Group Endorses Kate Bolz for U.S. House

Lincoln, NE – Members of the Alliance for Retired Americans proudly announced their endorsement of Kate Bolz for election to the U.S. House of Representatives from Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District today. The Nebraska Alliance is a grassroots advocacy organization with more than 12,000 members across the state.

“Nebraska retirees are confident that Kate Bolz will look out for older people in Washington,” said Al Mumm, president of the Nebraska Alliance for Retired Americans. “Senator Bolz has worked consistently in the Nebraska Legislature to benefit and improve the lives of the elderly. She knows that seniors in her district live on fixed incomes, and she will battle every day to protect our retirement security.”

Sen. Bolz accepted the endorsement virtually via Zoom, forgoing an in-person event due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed more than 210,000 American lives, 80 percent of whom are over the age of 65.

“I am thankful to receive the endorsement of the Alliance of Retired Americans. Nebraskans who’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare throughout their careers deserve to know that these essential programs will be protected for years to come,” said Bolz. “I stand with the Alliance of Retired Americans in their fight against defunding these programs. Unlike Congressman Fortenberry, I will not vote to erode Social Security.”

“Now more than ever, it is vital that we have representatives in Washington who care about older Nebraskans and vote accordingly,” emphasized Mumm. “In these uncertain times, voting for the right person is literally a matter of life or death.”


Contact: Al Mumm, almumm45@gmail.com

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