June 25, 2024

Retiree Group Endorses Jahana Hayes for Reelection to U.S. House

Cites Her Commitment to Expanding and Protecting Earned Social Security and Medicare Benefits

New Britain, CT – Members of the Alliance for Retired Americans proudly announced their endorsement of Rep. Jahana Hayes for reelection to the U.S. House from Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District today. The Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans is a grassroots advocacy organization with more than 56,000 members across the state.

“Rep. Hayes has already proven as a member of the U.S. House that she will look out for Connecticut seniors. She has earned a 100% pro-retiree score in the Alliance’s annual congressional voting record,” said Bette Marafino, President of the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans. “We trust her to work to expand and preserve our hard earned Social Security and Medicare benefits. She knows that 708,000 people in Connecticut rely on Social Security benefits every month. With another term, Jahana will continue the fight for our earned benefits for current and future generations.”

George Logan is out of touch with older people in Connecticut, supporting massive cuts to Medicare’s budget. Not only has he opposed expanding Social Security benefits, he has even called for cutting Social Security.

“With Republicans like George Logan looking to slash Social Security and Medicare, affordability is on the minds of so many seniors across the 5th District. Our seniors deserve to age with dignity, and I have advocated every day to ensure they have access to things like Social Security, Medicare, food, housing and support services,” said Representative Hayes. “This endorsement by the Alliance for Retired Americans means so much to me. Having been raised by my grandmother I fully understand the real impact of policy on the lives of seniors. I will continue to protect the programs that help our seniors thrive.”

In addition, Ms. Marafino praised Rep. Hayes’s vote for legislation to lower drug costs by requiring Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors; cap out-of-pocket drug costs at $2,000 a year; cap insulin copays at $35 per month; and make necessary vaccines free for all Medicare beneficiaries. Logan did not support the legislation.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher for seniors like me. We need Jahana Hayes in the House fighting against any Republican plan to cut Social Security and Medicare,” added Ms. Marafino. “That’s why Jahana Hayes is the obvious choice for Connecticut seniors.”


Contact: Bette Marafino, eam48460@gmail.com

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