September 06, 2006

Resolution Health Care Price Transparency

Adopted September 6, 2006

Whereas there is a strong tradition of secrecy regarding price information for health care services; and

Whereas health care providers have little incentive to disclose prices because health care services are lucrative; as a result, there is little competition in health care; and

Whereas if health care prices were readily available, competition would likely result in lower prices; and

Whereas rising health care costs and rising numbers of persons without health insurance reduce access to health care services; and

Whereas knowing health care prices in advance is important to the uninsured who must pay for care themselves, go without care or seek charity care; and

Whereas the availability of health care prices is also important to persons who obtain services not covered by insurance and to those with high deductibles; and

Whereas there is a widespread practice of charging the uninsured more than others; and

Whereas making prices available on the internet has become a standard business practice.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Alliance for Retired Americans calls upon Congress to enact laws requiring all prices charged by providers for health care services to be readily available to the public; and

Be it further resolved that prices should be available on the internet in an easily navigable manner and also readily available by mail upon request.


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Topics: Retirement Security

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