January 13, 2023

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – And His Statements Concerning Health Care

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday, January 16, and many of Dr. King’s words remain as relevant today as they were during his lifetime.

On March 25, 1966 in Chicago, at a press conference before his speech at the second convention of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, King said, “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhuman.”

Decades later, racial minorities are still less likely to receive preventive health care services when compared with white counterparts. Minorities, including Black Americans, also generally wait longer for those services and the services rendered are often of lower quality. For many conditions, minorities experience worse health outcomes.

“So many situations effortlessly lend themselves to a quote from Dr. King,” said President Roach. “In 2023, as we swear in new Members of Congress, we urge our elected leaders to remember Dr. King when they consider changes to our nation’s health care policies.”

President Roach continued, “When some members of the new Congress talk about their plans to slash Medicare and Social Security funding, we must consider the most vulnerable members of our community, including seniors, racial minorities, members of the disabled community and those with the least access to quality care. Let us remember Dr. King as we work to strengthen and preserve Medicare and make health care a priority for all Americans.”

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