February 21, 2023

One in Four American Older Adults Needed Long Term Care for Themselves or a Loved One Last Year

Twenty-four percent of U.S. adults ages 50 and older say they, or a loved one, needed long-term care in the past year, according to a recent Nexus Insights survey.

According to the survey, most older adults said the process of selecting long-term care caused anxiety (53%) and frustration (52%). Few said they felt confident (23%) or at peace (23%) while making a choice.

Respondents also said it was extremely important to have additional information about the cost of care and options to pay for it (69%) and the different types of long-term care services available (63%).

“These findings serve as another reminder that solving the long term care crisis is important for all Americans,” said President Roach. “We need affordable, safe, high-quality long term care options in this country. Too many Americans of all ages are forced to put their own economic security at risk to take care of a loved one who needs care.”

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