February 17, 2022

New Retiree Voting Record Report Released

Scores Congress on Votes Cast during Pandemic’s Second Year

Washington, DC – The Alliance for Retired Americans released its 2021 Congressional Voting Record, which scored each U.S. Senator and Representative on critical retirement security issues, today.

“Almost every member of Congress says they care about seniors,” said Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance. “Our annual report shows which House and Senate members actually stood up for older Americans and who didn’t.”

Ten Senate and House floor votes are considered in the report. They include votes on bills and amendments to provide stimulus payments during the pandemic; protect voting rights; lower prescription drug prices; raise the federal minimum wage; and protect older workers from discrimination.

Forty-two members of the U.S. Senate and 218 members of the U.S. House of Representatives earned perfect 100 percent scores. Fifty senators earned scores of 20% or below, including Mitch McConnell (KY, 10%); Ted Cruz (TX, 0%); Ron Johnson (WI, 0%); and Rand Paul (KY, 0%). One hundred sixty-seven House members earned a score of 0%.

Among the senators earning a score of 90% or above were Chuck Schumer (NY, 100%); Maggie Hassan (NH, 90%); Mark Kelly (AZ, 100%), Catherine Cortez Masto (NV, 100%) and Raphael Warnock (GA, 100%).

“What happens in Washington, DC affects retirees and their families all across the country every day. Votes in Congress can improve retirement security or make a healthy and secure retirement that much harder to achieve,” said Fiesta.

“Seniors vote at a higher rate than any other age group and are an even bigger proportion of the electorate during midterm elections,” Fiesta added. “The Alliance voting record is a valuable tool for older voters as they consider who to vote for in the 2022 elections.”

Both the national 2021 Congressional Voting Record and a version for each state delegation is available on the Alliance’s website.


Contact: David Blank, dblank@retiredamericans.org

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