August 01, 2022

New Resolutions Honor Leaders, Address Social Security and Right to Vote and More

The Alliance’s policy agenda is set during quadrennial meetings of its membership and our board.

New York State Alliance President Barry Kaufmann, Resolutions Committee Chair, facilitated discussion and the enactment of fifteen resolutions at the national meeting on Wednesday.

Resolutions calling for strengthening and expanding Social Security and Medicare, addressing income inequality, and protecting the right to vote were adopted. Also passed were new resolutions calling for passage of the PRO ACT, which would make it easier for workers to form and join a union, and protecting the rights of federal workers. Lastly, the national meeting adopted resolutions honoring the work of George Kourpias, Ruben Burks, Jo Etta Brown, Richard Trumka, and John Sweeney, all of whom worked to transform the lives of retirees and the labor movement.

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