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December 02, 2016

Medicare Stories – George Nolan


George Nolan, 74, of Garland, Texas was healthy until 2013, when a doctor told him that due to cardiomyopathy, his heart was only functioning at 10%.

“It was terrifying,” says George. “I knew that my physical health was in grave danger, and the last thing I wanted to do at that time was worry about my financial health.”

He received a pacemaker and has submitted information to obtain a $75,000 heart pump, along with a $30,000 battery pack. Without Medicare, he would have to pay $45,000 of that amount, money he could not afford. He feels certain that his diagnosis would have represented a death sentence. With Medicare, he has hope: 80% will be covered, and he has supplementary insurance for the rest.

George’s medications would cost $600 per month if not for Medicare Part D, but he only has to pay $85 per month thanks to Medicare’s prescription drug benefit.

“If it were not for Medicare, I would be bankrupt,” he said.

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