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December 02, 2016

Medicare Stories – Carroll Jackson

carroll-jacksonCarroll Jackson of Seattle, Washington quickly learned of the importance of Medicare at the age of 75 when she underwent heart bypass surgery.

Due to a medical error, Carroll spent April and May of 2010 in the hospital racking up costly bills. Shortly after her procedure, Carroll received a notice that the hospital would be billing her Medicare supplementary insurance company $250,000. “I can’t imagine what Medicare was billed; they were my primary provider,” she says. “I am really grateful that I didn’t have to sell my home as it is now only worth $250,000.”

Carroll reflects upon her situation and asks, “What would I have done without Medicare?”

Today, Carroll is 79 and thriving. Thanks in part to the medical coverage she received from Medicare, she is now well enough to travel.

“I’m doing well now and enjoy my life,” adds Carroll.

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