April 18, 2023

Judge Grants Attorneys Fees in Arizona Alliance Voting Lawsuit

There was a significant development in the Arizona Alliance’s lawsuit in Cochise County. The two members of the County Board of Supervisors who resisted certifying results in the November election as required by state law are now personally on the hook for $37,000 in legal and court fees.

Last year, Republican county supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd refused to certify the canvass of the countywide election results for several weeks, jeopardizing the state certification process and risking the votes of thousands. They cited phony allegations that the county’s electronic tabulators weren’t properly certified. Only after then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Alliance took them to court and a judge ordered them to complete their statutorily mandated duties did they finally certify the results.

“We are gratified by the court’s ruling to require the payment of fees and costs from the two members of the Cochise County Board of Supervisors who tried to ignore the law,” said Dora Vasquez, Executive Director of the Arizona Alliance. “The decision should put elected officials on notice that anyone who ignores the law, interferes in elections or tries to suppress the vote will be held accountable.”

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