August 30, 2021

House Passes Budget Resolution Agreement

The House passed a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint on Tuesday with a 220-212 party-line vote, paving the way for Democrats to pass a robust spending package that will invest in families, retirees, and seniors. The package will include allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, adding guaranteed hearing, dental and vision benefits to Medicare, and healthcare expansion.

It will also provide funding to expand home-based health care for seniors under Medicaid. The Biden administration has emphasized the need to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and the idea has support from voters of all ages from both parties. Further, according to a recent poll commissioned by the Alliance, a majority of seniors, regardless of their political affiliations, want savings from negotiated drug prices to be invested in expanding Medicare benefits.

The House also approved a September vote for the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that has already passed the Senate. This bill will include funding for physical infrastructure projects like modernizing the nation’s passenger rail system, repairing roads and bridges, and improving public transit and ensuring internet access for Americans.

“The house votes are important steps toward getting relief for older Americans. But we know that the pharmaceutical and health insurance corporations want to block or weaken the drug negotiation and Medicare expansion provisions,” said Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance. “We need to keep fighting until these priorities are signed into law.”

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