March 07, 2022

Even Sen. McConnell Reprimands Sen. Rick Scott over Drastic Social Security, Medicare Proposals

In a rare public admonishment of one of his top lieutenants, Sen. GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) rebuked Sen. Rick Scott’s (FL) plan that “sunsets” Social Security and Medicare within five years. Sunsetting is a legal provision under which a program is automatically terminated at the end of a fixed period unless renewed by legislative action. Sen. Scott’s so-called 11-point Rescue America Plan would sunset all federal programs after five years. The plan also includes voter suppression proposals similar to those that several states have already enacted.

Scott is the chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee, which is in charge of developing Republican strategy and recruiting candidates to take back the Senate.

“This plan should still serve as a warning about what the agenda for Social Security and Medicare could look like if the GOP retakes the Senate in November,” said executive director Fiesta. “No wonder the plan is endorsed by Newt Gingrich, who advocated for Medicare to ‘wither on the vine’ as far back as the 1990s.”

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