February 06, 2020

Diane Fleming

Diane Fleming, 75, worked for United Airlines for 39 years, but when United filed for bankruptcy, her pension was dramatically cut.

A few years after enrolling in Medicare, Diane was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Treatment of this cancer is both extensive and expensive but Diane’s surgeries, iodine treatments, CT scans, sonograms, MRIs and needle biopsies have all been covered by Medicare. Recently, Diane learned that the cancer has recurred and further surgery will be needed. This, too will be covered by Medicare, allowing Diane to focus on getting better rather than worrying about going bankrupt.

Beyond her cancer, Diane is also fighting glaucoma but Medicare gives her access to necessary medication. As someone with multiple pre-existing conditions, Diane needs the guaranteed care of Medicare. Pushing Diane into a premium support program would leave her hanging out to dry. With a voucher system Diane would likely be unable to pay for health insurance, and she notes that for her and millions of other seniors, “Medicare is literally a lifesaver.”

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