November 30, 2021

Biden to Replace Ron Bloom, USPS Board Chair and DeJoy Ally, on Postal Board of Governors

President Biden announced that he plans to replace Ron Bloom, the chairman of the US Postal Service’s governing board and a key ally to current Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy. The bipartisan, nine-member board is tasked with overseeing Postal Service operations, including the hiring and evaluating of the Postmaster General, a process that was met with public scrutiny following the nomination of Postmaster General DeJoy in 2020.

During his tenure, Postmaster General DeJoy has implemented a number of policies that slowed mail delivery and increased prices for consumers. Democratic lawmakers have also criticized him about numerous conflicts of interest, and concerns that service slowdowns would disrupt delivery of mail ballots during the 2020 election.

Daniel Tangherlini, former administrator of the General Services Administration under President Obama, will be nominated to fill the position.

USPS supporters hope that Tangherlini’s appointment will eventually lead to the replacement of DeJoy.

“The Postal Service is critical for millions of Americans, especially seniors. Raising prices and deliberately slowing the mail is not acceptable,” said Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance. “We hope this nomination will be the first step toward a Postal Service that puts the needs of the American people first.”

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