October 28, 2022

Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans Statement Regarding Court’s Failure to Order Clean Elections USA to Stop Harassment and Intimidation at Ballot Drop Boxes

Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans President Saundra Cole released the following statement regarding the Arizona District Court decision in Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans and Voto Latino v. Clean Elections USA.

“Today’s decision is truly disappointing for our members and all older Arizonans. We continue to believe that Clean Elections USA’s intimidation and harassment is unlawful. The Arizona Alliance intends to seek immediate appellate review and emergency relief.

“American citizens should be able to cast a ballot without fear of personal injury or other harm to their safety and security.

“That said, the right to vote is precious and the stakes are especially high in this election. We urge all older Arizonans not to be deterred and return their ballots before the deadline, or vote in person on Election Day.”

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Contact: Lisa Cutler, lcutler@retiredamerians.org

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