May 16, 2022

Alert: Scammers Using Alliance Logo to Obtain Banking Information

The Alliance has received reports of someone using the Alliance logo maliciously in order to obtain people’s personal data and banking information. The scammer claims to be helping the recipient get lottery and/or Publishers Clearing House winnings they are supposedly owed but actually has criminal intentions. The initial contact may come by phone.

“The Alliance is not associated with any effort to collect lottery or Publishers Clearing House winnings,” said President Roach. “If you are contacted by someone you do not have a business relationship with, and they are asking for your personal information, including bank account numbers, do not respond to them and DO NOT provide the requested information.”

No legitimate sweepstakes or lottery will ask you to PAY anything (or share credit card or bank account info) to get your winnings. Additional information on scams from the Federal Trade Commission is available here.

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