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KHN: ‘The Charges Seem Crazy’: Hospitals Impose a ‘Facility Fee’ — For a Video Visit

When Arielle Harrison’s 9-year-old needed to see a pediatric specialist at Yale New Haven Health System in June, a telehealth visit seemed like a great option. Since her son wasn’t yet eligible to be vaccinated against covid-19, they could connect with the doctor via vide... Read more

KHN: For Older Adults, Smelling the Roses May Be More Difficult

(FLASHPOP/GETTY IMAGES) The reports from covid-19 patients are disconcerting. Only a few hours before, they were enjoying a cup of pungent coffee or the fragrance of flowers in a garden. Then, as if a switch had been flipped, those smells disappeared. Young an... Read more

KHN: As Big Pharma and Hospitals Battle Over Drug Discounts, Patients Miss Out on Millions in Benefits

In early July, as the covid-19 pandemic slammed rural America, the president of a small Kansas hospital sat down on a Friday afternoon and wrote the president of the United States to plead for help. “I do not intend to add to your burden,” said Brian Williams, a re... Read more

KHN: Medicare Enrollment Blitz Doesn’t Include Options to Move Into Medigap

Medicare’s annual open-enrollment season is here and millions of beneficiaries — prompted by a massive advertising campaign and aided by a detailed federal website — will choose a private Medicare Advantage plan. But those who have instead opted for traditional Medic... Read more

KHN: Nursing Home Residents Overlooked in Scramble for Covid Antibody Treatments

Of the dozens of patients Dr. Jim Yates has treated for covid-19 at his long-term care center in rural Alabama, this one made him especially nervous. The 60-year-old man, who had been fully vaccinated, was diagnosed with a breakthrough infection in late September. Almost i... Read more

KHN: ‘They Treat Me Like I’m Old and Stupid’: Seniors Decry Health Providers’ Age Bias

Joanne Whitney, 84, a retired associate clinical professor of pharmacy at the University of California-San Francisco, often feels devalued when interacting with health care providers. There was the time several years ago when she told an emergency room do... Read more

KHN: The Public Backs Medicare Rx Price Negotiation Even After Hearing Both Sides’ Views

As Congress debates cutting prescription drug costs, a poll released Tuesday found the vast majority of adults — regardless of their political party or age — support letting the federal government negotiate drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries and those in private healt... Read more