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Friday Alerts

May 22, 2015

Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens Medicare

On Thursday, the Senate voted to end debate on giving President Obama “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority which would allow the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be implemented without amendments.
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Press Release

May 07, 2015

Surveys: 7 in 10 Older Americans Say Don't Mess with Wireless Lifeline Benefits

Older Americans agree: Congress and state lawmakers should not restrict their access to federal wireless Lifeline, which often is inaccurately referred to as the “Obamaphone” program. A survey conducted by ORC International (ORC) and sponsored by Keeping Americans Connected to Opportunities makes it clear that seniors believe they should get continue to get access to wireless Lifeline and other benefits that have been promised to them.
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National Journal Congressional News

May 23, 2015

McConnell's Plot Veers Off Script

The Majority Leader wanted to block the USA Freedom Act and extend the Patriot Act. Now the bill he fought so hard to preserve is in danger of expiring.
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Health Care News from National Journal

May 21, 2015

Obama Administration Proposes Big Cuts in Florida Medicaid Fight

The feds proposed a big cut, but reiterated that Medicaid expansion would soften the blow.
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