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Friday Alerts

May 22, 2015

Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens Medicare

On Thursday, the Senate voted to end debate on giving President Obama “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority which would allow the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be implemented without amendments.
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Press Release

May 26, 2015

Retiree Voting Record Released

The Alliance for Retired Americans today released its 2014 voting record report which scored every U.S. Representative and Senator on key issues affecting current and future retirees.
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National Journal Congressional News

May 27, 2015

Clinton Goes After Walker, Rubio, Paul on Equal Pay

The Democratic frontrunner won’t name them, but she is targeting Republicans who are polling decently against her.
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Health Care News from National Journal

May 27, 2015

Big Pizza Cooks Up Plan to Carve Up Obamacare’s Menu-Labeling Rules

The industry is looking for a change to the FDA regulations mandated by the law.
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