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September 26, 2014

New York Times Stresses the Importance of Older Voters

According to The New York Times, older voters this year are not favoring Republicans by the overwhelming 21 points that they did in the 2010 midterm elections. Democratic pollster Geoff Garin suggests that even a small shift by older voters will have an outsized impact on election outcomes.
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Press Release

August 22, 2014

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan Won’t Say why he Favors Slashing Medicare and Medicaid

While on his book tour in Pensacola, Florida, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) refused to say why he favors slashing Medicare and Medicaid in order to fund $5 trillion in tax breaks for millionaires and corporations.
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Latest News from National Journal

October 02, 2014

When Plagiarism Doesn't Matter

Scott Walker's Democratic challenger is facing heat for copying policy ideas from other candidates. But many other contenders, from both parties, have used similar tactics.
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National Journal Congressional News

October 01, 2014

How Republicans Stopped Being 'Tough on Crime'

GOP lawmakers in Congress are moving toward prison reform. Is this the final frontier for bipartisanship?
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Health Care News from National Journal

October 01, 2014

The Ebola Plan Was in Place, So Why Did It Falter in Dallas?

A hospital mix-up led to a U.S. patient showing signs of the virus being sent home on his first visit.
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