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May 13, 2016

Trump Advisor Reveals True Social Security Plans

Reverses Trump’s Commitment to ‘no cuts’ to Social Security

According to The Wall Street Journal, senior Trump policy adviser Donald Clovis reversed Trump’s earlier statements that he would have “no cuts” to Social Security if elected President.


Clovis spoke at an event sponsored by the right-wing Peter G. Peterson Foundation, an organization dedicated to undermining Social Security and forcing Americans into risky privatization schemes. The Journal quotes Clovis saying that “after the [Trump] administration has been in place, we will start to take a look at all of the programs, including entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare” for cuts and so-called reforms. Clovis cited the need to control the federal budget, despite the fact that the Social Security Trust Fund is not part of the federal budget and does not contribute to the deficit.

“Donald Trump is backpedaling on his promises faster than a gazelle being chased by a cheetah,” said Richard Fiesta, executive director for the Alliance for Retired Americans. “He told Americans he would ‘save Social Security without cuts’ to win in the GOP primaries and caucuses. Now that Trump has the nomination in his grasp his minions are scrambling to assure Republican party bosses and Wall Street executives that he will move on the radical Paul Ryan agenda.”

“Retirees have long memories and won’t be fooled by Trump’s pandering. Older Americans are the largest group eligible to vote in 2016 and they will put their support behind a candidate who believes that Americans’ earned Social Security benefits are a sacred trust, not a bargaining chip,” said Fiesta.

36 thoughts on “Trump Advisor Reveals True Social Security Plans”

  1. You stated
    “after the [Trump] administration has been in place, we will start to take a look at all of the programs, including entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare “Let’s make this clear I pay for my Social Security and my ex employer made a contribution. I still pay for Medicare so to say that is entitlement is very stupid. You dig?

    1. Its NOT an entitlement. We earned that money by going to work every day. If Trump is elected, you can kiss it goodbye.

    2. I understand and agree it is not a entitlement social security was paid by us in every pay check period.Trump promised to not touch it and blamed it on democrats. well we can vote the house 2018 and senate out next election and also vote a democrat president in 2020. we don’t like to be lied too.I guess he will say the blame game Paul Ryan wanted to push granny over the cliff. well many seniors will die social security is all they have to live on many live on $300.00-$500.00 a month. try paying bills like lights water food and gas to go to the doctor and store. Most their in Washington d.c. couldn’t take a friend out to eat what some have a month to live on. Trump said the democrats have lied to us… if he slaps us in the face he has done worse. P.S. a little man who has no children or wife at the senior citizen center said if it is cut out he will have to kill himself. Said he didn’t want to have to live on the streets and woods or die slow death from not having medication. The republicans are heartless to lie to get in office when said that’s what democrats do!!! Now will stop the twitter page and hide out at Virginia golf course I guess.

  2. Well lets face it , typical politician being a two face liar and a fraud.. just like all the rest .. other words no damn different except he buys the election ..

  3. We all worked our whole lives and paid into this.Keep your hands off it. I lost my father before he became of age to receive it. I suspect there is more people that never got a chance to retire and start drawing than we are aware of. What happened to their money that was paid into social security. Liquidated damages??

    1. Since Social Security is an insurance program, money paid in by people who die before collecting benefits are paid out to other people, just as your auto insurance payments are paid to other people if you don’t have an accident.

    2. A lot of that money was stolen by the government. They called those takings “loans”, of course, but they were never paid back. They saw a surplus in the Social Security fund and couldn’t resist taking it away. If those moneys had never been taken Social Security would still be running at a surplus, for years to come.

      1. Unfortunately the law requires that any excess funds after benefits are paid go to the general treasury to be used for whatever expenses the government has; however, I wonder if they could have found a way to set aside a big chunk of that money in an account so they would have it for times like these?

  4. Crooked,Thieving Sons a B@#$%s! You can’t believe a word they say! If they are Politicians and their lips are moving, they are Lying! The American Government is rapidly becoming one of the most corrupt governments in the world!

    1. You’re right, but anyone that thinks electing Trump will solve the problem has their head buried in their behinds.

    2. That’s why we need to vote for the people who are trying to change the system, like Bernie Sanders, or if necessary whoever is the Democratic candidate – a lot of them are corrupt, too, to one degree or another, but for the most part they won’t let our “entitlements”, be dismantled or privatized so Wall Street can get a cut of OUR money. I know “entitlements” is a bad word the way a lot of politicians use it, but yeah, since we paid for it, we ARE entitled to it, without them getting their grubby hands in it first.

  5. Pete Peterson has been trying for decades to undermine our Social Security System; privatize it as well as Medicare givng Wall Street to opportunity to gamble with the retirement & security of millions of retirees present and future. We the Federal Government pays back the 2 plus Trillion $$$$$$$ stolen from Social Security’s Trust Fund we will be just fine. Or and scrap the cap and let those making millions and storing their profits overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes pay into the system on all income earned including capital gains.

  6. If Trump even touches Social Security. He needs to be thrown out of office by the American People in a Revolt of some sort.

  7. If Trump even as much comes close to harming Social Security. He and Paul Ryan need to be tossed out of office.

    1. How can Trump touch Social Security if he’s not the president? Or are you going to vote for him?

  8. I’d like a sworn statement from each candidate stating that social security and Medicare will not be touched. They have to be responsible to the people on social security, we worked hard to establish a fund for retirement. Nobody has any right to our benefit but us. I don’t know what we as American people can do to stop all the over taxing obviously our elected officials aren’t looking out for us anymore.

  9. Do NOT vote for Trump. Do not let him become President…..then you will have to worry about his taking SS & Medicare away….

  10. This is an outrage… these are not entitlement programs, SS and Medicare are paid for out of our earnings…I have been gainfully employed since I was 16 initially summer employment and after college full time … and I am well passed retirement age, and still working… thereby continuing to contribute. Mr. T and government Keep your cotton picking hands off of my money!!

  11. Social Security and Medicare are NOT “entitlements”! I paid into both all my working life, starting at age 16. Anyone receiving those benefits is only getting back their own money that was taken out of their checks every week! Anyone who tries to say otherwise should be shot!

  12. He’s not for middle America at all and yet he had
    Millions with a very limited income, believing that he will do for them what corporate America will never do again. High corporate profits drive the value of their stock on Wall Street. It’s not about the middle American millions that he has duped.

  13. Make no mistake. As president he will do the bidding of republican radicals to cut, eliminate or sell your Social Security to Wall Street. There is nothing “presidential” about Trump.

    He joyfully encourages racism, sexism, violence, and promises to “pay the legal fees” of those who commit violence on his behalf. He advocates the use of torture and the murder of terrorists families. I’ve seen him gleefully tell stories of executing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood. Any officer that would order his men to shoot defenseless women and children should be shot by those same soldiers. He compares refugees to ‘snakes,’ rapists murderers and claims that ‘Islam hates us.’ Trump is a man who has encouraged prejudice and violence in the pursuit of personal power. His words will no doubt change over the next few months, but that will not change who he really is and what he has already stated.

    Anyone that actually believes he will deport 11 million Mexicans and make the Mexican government pay for a fence should not be allowed to have children. Anyone who believes the killing of ISIS families will end the war on terrorism and then claim to be a good christian has his/her head up their behind. The millions of people that oppose an egotistical Trump do so not as a political decision, but as a moral decision. Again: There is NOTHING “presidential” about Donald Trump!!

  14. The Supreme Court has determined that empty political promises, (lies) are protected under free speech laws. You try lying to them and see what that gets you . . .

  15. No way in hell Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton touches Social Security. That is and always has been a Republican issue.

  16. If you believe that Clinton or Sanders won’t touch Medicare or Social Security than you’re just as gullible! I’ll take my chance with Trump. At least he has positive proposals on other issues that neither Clinton (a known liar) & Bernie (a socialist) does not have.

  17. As soon as this bu!/munch said entitlement you should have known the rest would be bad, Trump is a habitual liar to get what he wants then flip flops like a fish out of water. Yep keep talking crap about SS and SSDI and see how quickly those voting will be in a lot of wheel chairs and driving their rascals

  18. Anyone with a thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate soul will understand that Donald Trump is a psychopathic personality and is a VERY DANGEROUS PERSON. If you question my comments, and I’m sure those who are people who read and dig deep for answers that are logical and rational, will consider my statement about Donald Trump to be at the very least extraordinarily close to the truth. I’ve been doing investigative reading for many years now and have recently read a book titled ‘The Sociopath Next Door’, by Martha Stout, ph.d.. If you are so inclined, please do yourself a great favor and read this book. Author Stout has studied personality disorders for over 25 years and what I learned from her years of research has altered my life forever. Scientific research has also shown that sociopathy and psychopathy personalities are almost identical, with the exception of some variations. I wholeheartedly believe Donald Trump, among MANY OTHERS, is a true sociopath and may very well be a psychopath. In my view, he’s a VERY dangerous person.

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