Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Alliance for Retired Americans joined with our friends and allies in the fight to stop Trade Promotion Authority, also known as Fast Track, as a way to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Though we were unsuccessful in stopping Fast Track, our efforts to highlight the use of Medicare to offset the cost of TPP Trade Adjustment Assistance resulted in fewer cuts to Medicare when Fast Track eventually passed.

We believe that highlighting the threat the TPP poses to retirees and drug prices is the right strategy to slow down and defeat the TPP altogether. With the knowledge of the strength of our message and our collective voices, we have created this toolkit to assist you in our ongoing fight against the TPP.

This toolkit includes materials to support your campaign against the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, including a timeline and instructions for making it successful.  We have also included fliers, sign-up sheets and background information on the TPP and how it affects retirees to help you organize people in your community.

You can download the toolkit here and contact Eric Heggie at for more information.

Download Toolkit