April 26, 2011

The Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans joins Seniors and Workers to Ask Members of Congress Not to Make Them “Work ‘Til We Die”


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April 26th, 2011          


The Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans joins Seniors and Workers to Ask Members of Congress Not to Make Them “Work ‘Til We Die”

Events in Pennsylvania are part of a national campaign organized by
the Social Security Works Coalition 

Senior citizens and workers across Pennsylvania will hold “Don’t Make Us Work ‘Til We Die” events this week. These events will take place outside Social Security Offices and other public spaces, and they will dramatize the harm that will come to Americans from budget cuts being proposed in Congress to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

The seniors and workers will challenge members of Congress for their “Yes” vote on the House Republican budget on April 15, which would turn Medicare over to insurance companies while vastly increasing out-of-pocket costs, and slash Medicaid spending by $1.4 trillion; as well as provide for a “fast track” to cut Social Security. They will renew their opposition any cuts to Social Security benefits, including raising the retirement age and other proposals similar to the recommendations of last year’s Fiscal Commission.  Such changes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will require Americans to work until much later in life – for many in effect until we die.  Specifically, events in Pennsylvania will show Congressmen Barletta, Fitzpatrick, Meehan and Murphy that Pennsylvania workers and citizens strongly disapprove of their budget vote.

WHAT:           Events with seniors and workers asking that Congress not make Americans “Work ‘Til We Die.”

WHO:             Members of the Alliance for Retired Americans, members of our Social Security Works coalition partners, and other citizens



Wednesday, April 27th at Noon
Social Security Office then walking to the Federal Building
921 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA
*PARA President Jean Friday will attend

Chester (City)

Thursday, April 28th at 10:45am
Social Security Office
807 Crosby St.
Chester, PA 19013


Thursday, April 28th at 4:00pm
1717 Langhorne Newtown Rd.
Langhorne PA, 19047


Friday, April 29th at Noon
Public Square
Main and Market Streets


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