May 29, 2015

Blog Post: The Alliance Releases 2014 Annual Congressional Voting Record

On Tuesday, the Alliance released its annual report detailing the voting record of every U.S. Representative and Senator on issues important to current and future retirees. The voting record looks at ten key votes in both the Senate and the House and assigns a “Pro-Retiree” score for each member of Congress. Scores reflect a member’s level of support for retirees and older Americans.

This year, votes examined include whether to:

  • Privatize Medicare and create a voucher-like system in its place;
  • Turn Medicaid into a block grant system, which would undercut its ability to provide care for millions of older Americans;
  • Raise the minimum wage; and
  • Increase the debt ceiling and keep the government open.

“This Voting Record reflects how committed our elected representatives are to retirees and older Americans,” said executive director Richard Fiesta. “I urge you to use it to educate yourself on where your elected representatives stand and share it with your friends and neighbors.”

In total, 49 members of the Senate and 135 members of the House received perfect scores of 100 percent. 34 Senators and 122 House members received zeros. Of those members of the Senate who have declared their candidacy for President, Ted Cruz (R-TX), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Rand Paul (R-KY) scored zero while Bernie Sanders (I-VT) scored 100%.



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