February 08, 2016

Stop the TPP before it Harms American Seniors

We need to stop the TPP trade deal in its tracks. Corporations want the Trans-Pacific Partnership to slip through Congress under the radar. But this dangerous agreement has brought together people from all walks of life to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Pharmaceutical companies and their corporate allies are doing their best to ram this harmful pact through the U.S. House and Senate – telling the American people one thing, while hiding the truth. TPP will let foreign corporations bypass U.S. laws, kill our jobs, and lock in sky high prescription drug prices.

That’s why we need you to call (855)–856–7545 today and tomorrow and tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to oppose the TPP.

This agreement is bad for American workers and consumers, and particularly harmful for retirees. It locks in in high drug prices for consumers and the government while lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

TPP also contains extreme patent protections for name-brand pharmaceuticals that threaten to restrict access to cheaper lifesaving medicines in all TPP countries, including in the United States.

It will make it more difficult for companies to manufacture the cheaper generic versions of drugs – leading to higher costs for everyone.

When the policy makers finally revealed details of the Trans Pacific Trade (TPP) deal in November of 2015, it was clear why the talks had been kept secret for seven years. The TPP is an outsourcing deal — not a trade deal.

Please let Congress know that you do not support higher prescription drug prices and stop the TPP from passing and encourage others to do the same!


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2 thoughts on “Stop the TPP before it Harms American Seniors”

  1. do not let the TPP take place…the drugs needed will be out of reach for most consumers along with other pitfalls of this bill.

  2. please stop the TPP. please think of our seniors and how hard it is now for them to purchase their prescriptions.
    please don’t make it harder for them.

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