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October 12, 2016

Seniors Host “Bake Sale” as they Demand Rep. Heck Protect Social Security from Cuts

Without a promise to Protect and Expand Social Security, future retirees may need to hold bake sales to fund a secure retirement

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Reno, NV – Retirees held a bake sale and press conference at the Social Security Administration office in Reno on Wednesday, demanding that Rep. Joe Heck sign the pledge to protect Social Security.

Nevada Alliance members and local retirees called for Rep. Heck to publicly commit to protecting Social Security for the 353,000 Nevada retirees who depend on the system for their retirement security.

The event was the third by the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans in an attempt to get Rep. Heck to sign a pledge promising to expand, not cut Social Security. (Full text of pledge below.)

Many seniors are already struggling to make ends meet. They often have to find part-time work, depend on family members, or find other ways to supplement their income because Social Security benefits aren’t enough. Without a promise to protect and expand Social Security from politicians like Rep. Heck, future retirees may need to resort to bake sales to make ends meet.

Rep. Heck has a pro-privatization record when it comes to Social Security. He has repeatedly supported efforts to replace guaranteed, earned benefits with private, risk-based accounts and raise the retirement age, and he does not support expanding the program. Social Security is on voters’ minds as corporations have eliminated traditional pensions and workers must depend on the Social Security system to make ends meet.

“A dignified retirement for hard working Americans is a right we have fought to assure,” said President Bird. “We are here to ask Rep. Heck: will he stand with us and pledge to protect our earned benefits, or will he stand against us?”

“Rep. Heck has a ten percent voting record on retiree issues,” continued Bird, “and refusing to sign this pledge to sends a clear message about whose side he is on.”

Legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate proposes “scrapping the cap” on workers’ incomes. The bill, sponsored by Senator Schatz, would increase benefits, giving seniors a raise and require millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share.

The full text of the “Pledge To Protect Social Security” reads:

“More than 58 million Americans rely on Social Security checks earned through a lifetime of work. More than a retirement program, Social Security provides life insurance benefits to young survivors of deceased workers and disability insurance protection for workers and their families.

“I pledge to oppose every effort to privatize, cut benefits or raise the retirement age. I also pledge to expand Social Security so that every American can retire with dignity and respect.”


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