Retirement Security

September 08, 2016

Key Retiree Issues in 2016 Senate Campaigns

Seniors Voting

Retiree issues are front at center in this year’s Senate campaigns with candidates on both sides of the political aisle claiming to be a friend of seniors.

The Alliance compared Senate candidates’ stances on issues that matter most to seniors in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida including expansion and protection of Social Security; keeping Medicare’s guaranteed benefits in place; defending health care benefits for seniors; and the scores that the candidates earned on our voting record, when available.







New Hampshire

North Carolina




Also included is important Voter Protection information. We urge all voters, especially seniors, to be on the lookout for misinformation that tries to prevent you from casting your ballot.

Be wary of flyers or robocalls giving false information to voters about the time, place and manner of elections, political affiliation of candidates, or penalties associated with voting. For more information please visit or call 1-888-OUR-VOTE.

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