January 21, 2016

Sen. Marco Rubio Wants to Raise Retirement Age for Social Security, Privatize Medicare


By Richard Fiesta, Executive Director, Alliance for Retired Americans

Sen. Marco Rubio would raise the retirement age for Social Security and privatize Medicare, he told supporters in Henniker, New Hampshire last Friday. Here’s what he said:

“That means we’re going to save Social Security and Medicare. We’re not going to have to – we’re not going to disrupt it for the people that are on it now, like my mom, but Medicare and Social Security is going to look different for me and for the young people here than it does for our parents.  Anyone who tells you different is not telling you the truth.  If we don’t do something about it, there will be no Social Security or Medicare by the time you retire – even by the time I retire.  We can fix this, but what it will take is I’m going to have to retire at 68 instead of 67 and if I’ve made a lot of money, my Social Security is not going to grow as fast as people that made less money and my Medicare money will be the option of buying a private plan that you like better.  These are not unreasonable changes for people that are 25 years away from retirement or 45 years away from retirement and if we do that we can save these programs and balance our budget.”

Alliance activists are engaging the presidential candidates on the stump and this is the latest instance.

Sen. Rubio’s choice of words is notable. Referring to Social Security and Medicare, he said, “We’re not going to disrupt it for the people that are on it now,” but that “Medicare and Social Security is (sic) going to look different for me and for the young people here than it does for our parents.”

Sen. Rubio acknowledges that the changes he is considering are a “disruption,” yet he is more than ready to inflict this disruption on the next generation of beneficiaries.

That same day, in Claremont, New Hampshire, Sen. Rubio responded to a question from someone with the Alliance for Retired Americans. At that event he also stated his plans to privatize Medicare.

The Alliance for Retired Americans has a very different plan for Social Security and Medicare. We want to EXPAND earned Social Security benefits, not cut them by raising the retirement age. And we want to PROTECT and PRESERVE Medicare for future generations, not eliminate its guaranteed benefits by privatizing it. New Hampshire voters should know Marco Rubio’s plans before they go to the polls on February 9th.

7 thoughts on “Sen. Marco Rubio Wants to Raise Retirement Age for Social Security, Privatize Medicare”

  1. I do not agree with Senator Rubio’S plan. First off both Social Security and Medicare are not part of the budget. They are systems that all American Citizens put into via payroll taxes. They are earned benefits and not entitlements. Not one penny has contributed to the budget in-balance. The budget in-balance is created by corrupt and dishonest politicians that miss-use the funds in the budget pie. I’ve seen the pie and a ridiculous amount is given to the defense budget, saying we need it to protect America. This is a fallacy. All of our problems stem from the reckless behavior by our governments lust for power and money. We have created billionaires and millionaires that through their never ending quest for more, have systematically been destroying the Middle Class. I cannot and will not support any of the gang of Fascists that currently infect our system of government. I support Bernie Sanders. Though he is not perfect and doesn’t have a real grasp of all our problems, his plan for taking care of the little people, us so-called Middle Class, is the best in the Democratic field. I will however, support whomever the nominee is for the Democratic Party. Any one of the three candidates is thousands of percent better than any of the gang of Fascists. I am a Catholic by faith, but I am not concerned nor worried about so-called religious freedom, espoused by mainly the Protestant’s, that Christianity is under assault. I believe that under our Constitution, people have rights. They are guaranteed those rights and religion should not be allowed to interject anyone’s opinion as law.

  2. why do they keep messing with my social security? I paid into it for over 40 years, that is our money not the governments, they need to take their hands out of this money. I would love to work until im 67 but my body doesn’t agree with that. and they need to pay back the money they have took out of there for other things. a lot of people don’t ever get to draw their social security because they die before they can so there should be money there, if the government would keep their hands out of it for other things. this money should be ours!!!! for the future generation, put the money they make into their account so they can have back what they put in with interest

    1. I so agree with you Norma. My Medicare &Medicare Supplement plan cost me 1/3rd less than my Company Retiree Benefit Medical Insurance, with the same deductibles and coverage. Leave it alone.

  3. I hope Senator Rubio will never be supported by the thousands of Republican and Democratic voting retirees who are struggling and barely making economical choices having to make a choice to buy their prescription-drugs, buy their groceries or pay their rent –a hard choice to make.

  4. Plain and simple – Marco Rubio doesn’t care about what’s left of the middle class or anyone else that is not a white elitist. Just work a few more years and hopefully you’ll die before you get the opportunity to collect the money that your paid into the system for your entire working life. He should be glad that his parents got the opportunity to escape from Cuba and embrace what this country has to offer it’s people and pay it forward. That being said, deport the creep and his drug dealing family back to Cuba.

  5. First he wants to abolish Obamacare and go back to allowing insurance companies not to cover pre-existing conditions.

    Then he wants to force seniors, a population with a very high percentage of pre-existing conditions to try to buy private health insurance.

    What’s next…gas chambers?

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