December 07, 2016

Save Medicare Activist Webinar

Your earned Medicare benefits are under attack by the GOP. We explain how they plan to destroy your guaranteed earned benefits and what you can do to stop them.

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9 thoughts on “Save Medicare Activist Webinar”

  1. Medicare must be raised NOT cut for the working class Americans who have worked all their lives and have earned the right to all of these benefits. The GOP needs to start caring about us and not be selfish and heartless as most of them are. We will not stand for being pushed around!!!!!

  2. A few years ago THE NUNS ON THE BUS video was being featured…..the ladies were spot on. Paul Ryan must be STOPPED. HE’S GOT TO GO! Let’s hope voters will wake up!!!

    1. Your comment about ELDERLY PEOPLE not caring about their Medicare and voting for Republicans is totally unfair! All ELDERLY PEOPLE should not be lumped together. I know many who did not vote Republican and we definitely care about our Medicare AND our Social Security AND anything else we worked for all our lives that they want to take away. Please consider passing the word to people who do not know that Medicare is under attack. It would be very helpful to everyone at some point in time – those of us already on Medicare as well as people still working for their benefits.

  3. these legislators don’t need Medicare. Why? because all these lawmakers whether they are members of the Senate or House,
    are wealthy people, and therefore have their own private doctors, and could care less about former working persons who need Medicare
    income. Most retirees are on fixed incomes, and do not have the fat pensions that legislators will receive when they(the legislators) retire!

  4. “Hands off of Medicare”! This is criminal since it will not affect those in office since they have such high salaries. I am livid and at 76 I am ready to march on Washington to stop this criminal act. This Congress is supposed to be “Of the people, for the people” which it is not longer. We are going toward a new government to fill the pockets of those who are supposed to protect the people!!!!

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