June 22, 2016

Ryan’s “Better Way” for Health Care Would be Dangerous for Seniors and Inferior to Current Medicare System

Seniors Would Have to Wait Until 67 for Coverage

The following statement was issued today by Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, in response to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s release of “A Better Way” health care plan:

“U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan calls his health care plan ‘A Better Way,’ but it is far inferior to the current system and dangerous for Americans.

“Seniors should not be misled. The Speaker wants to raise the Medicare eligibility age to 67 and change the program away from guaranteed benefits to a system of ‘premium support.’

“Premium support is a paltry substitute for the earned health care benefits that Americans have paid into throughout their lives and which they have a right to once they turn 65.

“Ryan also wants to double down on one of the weakest parts of the current Medicare system. He would have Medicare adopt the so-called ‘competitive structure proven successful by Medicare Part D.’ Of course Part D has done nothing to rein in skyrocketing prescription drug prices for taxpayers or retirees and includes unnecessary giveaways for private insurance companies.

“If the Ryan plan were to be adopted, seniors would pay through the nose – with both their physical health and their financial health.”

28 thoughts on “Ryan’s “Better Way” for Health Care Would be Dangerous for Seniors and Inferior to Current Medicare System”

    1. I agree. Why do these people just keep on trying to stick to seniors that have paid in all their life. Give them their money back if that’s his plan. It’s always the ones that are far from retirement that have these stupid ideas.

  1. Ryan’s Medicare Plan is continuation of Republicans efforts to privatize Medicare Health Insurance. It’s nothing more than another Pig N a Poke offered up by the Republican Party. At the behest of corporate health insurers and pharma lobbyist. It’ll cost Medicare Beneficiaries higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher co-pays and less health coverage compared to the current Medicare Plan. If they offer extended coverage, beware because it’ll come with extreme additional cost.

  2. We have worked and paid into this for years. It’s not an entitlement. This was deducted from our paychecks to be available at the time in life when it’s most needed. Leave it the F alone, Speaker Ryan. Don’t you have bigger fish to fry instead of picking on weaker Americans. Will this plan be suitable for your mother or father or grandparents? I think not

    1. You know it’s unfortunate that the R’s use ‘entitlement’ in the way they do. Yes, because Medicare costs are mandatory…they are guaranteed by law to be paid..they are actually considered an ‘entitlement’. Any payment program that is ‘mandatory’ is considered an ‘entitlement’. But, the Republicans deliberately use it to mislead on that issue. They make it into a pejorative term. To be ‘entitled’ to a program you’ve paid into, such as any insurance program, is not a negative thing.

    2. You’re completely right, of course, but it IS an entitlement. Republicans have twisted it into a dirty word, but the truth is you paid for it, you were promised it, and you’re entitled to it. Republicans want the government to be a lottery for program for the wealthy – handing out the money paid in by the many to the few. These goons won’t be happy until they’ve turned every government program into a corporate profit-making scheme.

      1. Republicans are not the question at hand. Republicans look mostky to secure and preserve life in a conservative manner. Look at your entities not paying into Social Security, yet receiving Medicare part D. I am talking non-Government jobs that call Social Security an Insurance and they do not believe in Insurance..not sure if it is just life insurance

  3. The Feds should have nothing to do with Social Security retirement nor Medicare. This has nothing to do with Capitol Hill. We paid for it and the Republicans want to take it away.

  4. Congress should be under the same system as the American public . Nothing more nothing less . Let see how quick that gets enacted . People already have premiums for supplemental insurance for what Medicare doesn’t cover , so what will the premium support support ?

  5. I am so sick of the government messing with social security. All Americans pay into this their entire lives. We deserve our retirement when we become eligible to receive it. To most people social security is all they will have to live off of. Dam republicans always wanting to take something, never giving. Bastards

  6. With this law would come Republican changes to make it better for insurance companies, and worse for us. Republicans ARE dangerous, and NEVER work for us!.

  7. Paul Ryan is bought and paid for folks, how he stays in office I don’t understand.This idiot doesn’t get it,that the American people hopefully are finally wakeing up.

  8. Paul Ryan is a weak man. He doesn’t understand how seniors need to be protected. Only thinking of himself and what’s in it for him. VOTE TRUMP>

  9. I have 4 words for RYAN “GOD IS IN CONTROL” and his son is coming back and will straighten all this out and even the score! I know it, believe it, and it is the only thing that keeps these people like RYAN from driving me bonkers.

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