August 17, 2011

Retirees to hold Social Security Birthday Rally in York, PA

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August 12th, 2011                                                                                           


Retirees to hold Social Security Birthday Rally

Attendees will urge Congressman Todd Platts to leave Social Security out of any Deficit Reduction Plans 

York, PA – Local Retirees will gather on Monday, August 15th at 10:30am to celebrate the 76th Birthday of Social Security by holding a rally outside Congressman Platts’ York office.  The Congressman’s office will be presented with a Birthday Cake so his staff can also celebrate the Birthday of this important program.  This Rally is being sponsored by the retirees of IAM Local 98, UAW Local 1872 and the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans.

“As Congress grapples with ways to reduce the federal deficit, we need our representative, Todd Platts, to stand up for seniors in Central Pennsylvania,” said Bob Fink, Chairman of UAW 1872 Retirees.  “Social Security has its own trust fund, so it doesn’t contribute to the deficit.  In fact, the Social Security Trust fund ran a SURPLUS in 2010, despite the economic situation.  Congressman Platts should make it clear to his leadership, the members of the so-called “Super Committee” and to his constituents that he will not support deficit reduction on the backs of seniors, and will therefore oppose any package of cuts that includes cuts to current or future Social Security benefits – including a hike in the retirement age or negative changes to the COLA formula.”  “We want Social Security to be as meaningful to Our Children and Grandchildren as it is to us.  We will not sell out our future generations,” added William Runkle, Sec. Treas. of Dist. 98 Retiree Action Group.

“Congressman Platts should ask his colleagues to focus on what Americans need most right now – JOBS,” added Tony Eisenhour, President of Dist. 98 Retiree Action Group.  “Cutting the deficit is important, but it won’t create jobs.  Congress needs to make sure that any cuts made to government spending don’t hurt the economy.  That’s why Social Security should be left alone.  Seniors spend what’s left of their Social Security checks after medical expenses at local businesses.  Any cuts to Social Security benefits will only hurt those businesses.  They should reduce the deficit without cutting Social Security, then move on quickly to finding ways to get people back to work.”

Jean Friday, President of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans had this to say about the upcoming rally: “I applaud the retirees in York for standing up for seniors and today’s workers as well.  Social Security is the most successful program in our nation’s history, lifting millions of seniors out of poverty and helping to keep our economy strong by allowing seniors to remain in the middle class throughout their retirement.  For many seniors, Social Security is a quality of life issue.  It is important that we stand up for ourselves and let our representatives know that cuts to this vital program are unacceptable.”

WHO:  York Area Retirees from IAM 98, UAW 1872 and the Alliance for Retired Americans

WHAT:  Happy Birthday Social Security Rally and Cake Delivery

WHERE:  York office of Congressman Platts, 2209 E. Market St. in York

WHEN:  10:30am

WHY:  To make sure Congressman Platts knows that seniors in York support Social Security!

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