March 08, 2019

Retirees Celebrate International Women’s Day

March is Women’s History Month. The following statement was issued by Robert Roach, Jr., President of the Alliance for Retired Americans, on International Women’s Day 2019:

“On this International Women’s Day, the Alliance for Retired Americans is celebrating women across the United States and around the world. While the issues facing women have changed, from the fight for the right to vote and to work, to access to education for all girls and women, the importance of remembering and celebrating women has not.

“The first Women’s Day was celebrated in 1909 in New York but became an international event in 1975 with formal recognition from the United Nations. Some communities mark the day with protests and demonstrations; in others, it is a day to celebrate womanhood. Notably, 2020 will mark 100 years of white women in the United States having the right to vote, which eventually led to all Americans having the right to vote.

“The Alliance is marking International Women’s Day by drawing attention to the need to expand Social Security for older women. Among the measures that should be adopted are ensuring that all surviving spouses receive 75% of the total household Social Security benefits they had prior to their spouse’s death. This change is crucial because the poverty rate for women over 65 is twice that of men over 65, and 50% of elderly women in poverty are widows.

“Today we celebrate all women young and old, be they a retiree, a homemaker, an employee, a union member, a student, a business owner or a Member of Congress. Our society would not be what it is today without the contribution of women, particularly those who have fought for equality at home and abroad.

“Equality for women aligns perfectly with the Alliance mission to ensure dignity and security for all Americans.”


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