June 01, 2011

Pennsylvanians to thank Senator Bob Casey for his Support of Medicare and Medicaid

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June 1st, 2011                                                                                           

Pennsylvanians to thank Senator Bob Casey for his
Support of Medicare and Medicaid 

Philadelphia—PARA Members will join together with Pennsylvanians young and old to thank Senator Bob Casey for his vote against the Ryan Budget proposal at 1:30pm on Thursday, June 2, at the Philadelphia Senior Center. This key Senate vote, which took place on May 25, 2010, stopped a budget proposal that would have converted Medicare into a voucher program and capped federal spending on Medicaid / Medical Assistance.

Hand-written thank you letters will be presented to Senator Casey at the event, as well as a “Thank-You Post Card” from the Alliance for Retired Americans.  This event has been organized by Penn ACTION, Action United, the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans and other groups in the Protect Social Security Coalition in Pennsylvania.

On the day of the vote in the Senate, Senator Casey said that, “traditional Medicare will no longer exist in 2022. Instead, our elderly will get a voucher to purchase private insurance, but the voucher won’t keep pace with health care costs.” Traditional Medicare guarantees health care for seniors. The proposed replacement for it would put seniors at the mercy of private health insurers. And because vouchers to pay for private health insurance will not keep up with rising health care costs, by 2030, 65-year-olds will be paying an average 68 percent of their health insurance costs compared with 25 percent today.

The Ryan budget would also cap federal spending on Medicaid which not only helps the poor get health care but provides the resources that allows millions of middle class Americans to afford long term care.

What:                          PARA Members and other Pennsylvanians thank Senator Bob Casey for his support of Medicare and Medicaid

Who:                            Senator Bob Casey and Representatives from various groups committed to preserving retirement security

When:             Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 1:30pm

Where:            Philadelphia Senior Center, 509 S. Broad Street (Broad and Lombard), Philadelphia, PA


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