May 26, 2011

Pennsylvania Retirees Applaud Senator Casey on Key Budget Vote to Protect Medicare

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May 26th, 2010                                                                                               
Pennsylvania Retirees Applaud Senator Casey on Key Budget Vote to Protect Medicare
Senator Toomey, However, Let Pennsylvanians Down by Voting to End Medicare As We Know It for Future Retirees, While Re-Opening the Doughnut Hole for Current Beneficiaries
The following statement was issued today by Jean Friday, President of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans:
“Pennsylvania retirees should thank Senator Casey for his vote against a budget that could end the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans for a safe and secure retirement.  The 2012 budget plan authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) cuts Social Security benefits while raising the retirement age, turns Medicare into a voucher program with private insurance companies, while raising the eligibility age for Medicare to 67 and drastically increasing out-of-pocket costs.  In addition, it will deny many children with pre-existing conditions their coverage, remove 22-26-year-old young adults from their parent’s insurance until age 26, re-open the prescription drug “donut hole”, and cancel free preventive testing and wellness visits for seniors. Imagine the disappointment of the many people who will be hurt by this plan!
“We should not balance the budget on the backs of our nation’s seniors.  Instead, we should address the root causes of our deficit – the badly-unneeded tax breaks for wealthy individuals and tax loopholes for large corporations and oil companies.  It’s time for them to pay their fair share.  We must make sure to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, two great American success stories that have helped generations of seniors stay healthy and out of poverty, while also keeping more retirees in the middle class, to the benefit of our economy.
“The future of retirement in America is on the line.  On behalf of the 300,000 members of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans, I want to thank Senator Casey for standing up for the needs of current and future retirees.
“On the other hand, Pennsylvania’s Junior Senator cast a very poor vote in supporting the Ryan Plan.  According to the Joint Economic Committee and the Congressional Budget Office, future seniors who retire in 2022 will see their out-of-pocket costs DOUBLE as Ryan’s “premium assistance” voucher fails to keep up with rising costs.  It would also put insurance companies between seniors and their doctor – a giant step backward for seniors’ health care in this Country. 
“Seniors will remember this unconscionable vote by Senator Toomey.  Thank goodness we have Bob Casey in the Senate to truly represent the interests of Pennsylvania retirees.”
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