March 15, 2010

PARA Statement on the Retirement of PA AFL-CIO President Bill George

For Immediate Release

October 15th, 2010           


Pennsylvania Retirees Thank Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Bill George for his Years of Service


PARA Congratulates him on his retirement and officially welcomes him to the ranks of the retired!


Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans President, Jean Friday, released the following statement regarding the retirement of Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William George:

“On behalf of PARA, it is with both sadness and joy that I thank Bill George for his 20 years of dedicated service as Pennsylvania’s first and best known advocate for working people, and also wish him a long, happy and fulfilling retirement.”

“Bill’s impact on the lives of working Pennsylvanians cannot be measured.  PARA members both young and old owe so much to Bill George.  Over his long career in the union movement, Bill fought for reliable pensions, strong Social Security and Medicare, quality government services, and the bargaining rights that most of our members enjoyed during their careers which won them the benefits many still enjoy today.  Through Bill’s adept leadership of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, he has advocated for union members in so many ways.  He lobbied our representatives in Washington and Harrisburg for fair labor laws and supported organizing all over our commonwealth.  He stood with workers at each and every contract negotiation and on the picket line during labor disputes.  One thing that no union member misses about Bill is his passion for the issues that affect working families’ lives, and his ability to communicate and inspire that passion in others.  When he gets going, there is nothing quite like a fiery Bill George oration!  Finally, Bill made everyone around him better through his tireless example, his contagious passion, his high standards for accomplishment and his unflappable determination.  From his excellent leadership partner, Secretary/Treasurer Rick Bloomingdale, to the many staff people who worked for him these past 20 years, to the countless union leaders he counseled and mentored, Bill’s contribution to the union movement in Pennsylvania will be felt throughout the AFL-CIO’s next 50 years and beyond.”

“While we are sorry to see Bill leave his position, my fellow PARA members and I know how wonderful it can be to have the time we want to spend with family and friends.  However, I am sure that like myself and countless other active retirees in PARA, Bill will continue to find ways to do what he does best – fight for the rights of the middle class in our Country.  On behalf of the PARA Board, we hope that he will devote some of his new-found and well-deserved free time to working with PARA to build a vibrant, dynamic and powerful movement of retirees in PA.”


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