March 11, 2019

Mexico’s Undersecretary for North America: Lower-cost Generic Medicines will be “More Difficult to Get” if the NAFTA 2.0 Agreement is Approved by Congress

Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, released the following statement regarding assertions by Ambassador Jesus Seade, Mexico’s Undersecretary for North America, that the prescription drug provisions in the proposed USMCA agreement will lock in high drug prices: 

“Today Mexico’s Undersecretary for North America said what we suspected: lower-cost generic medicines will be ‘more difficult to get’ if the NAFTA 2.0 agreement is approved by Congress.

“Americans already pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, and access to safe, generic medicines is one of the ways that people are able to afford the medicines they need.

“Rather than delivering on its repeated promises to lower prescription drug prices, the Trump Administration has instead pressed for a trade agreement that will do the opposite. The USMCA will delay the introduction of generic medicines and lock in high prices for biologics, medicines that fight cancer and other critical diseases.

“This agreement cannot be approved in its current form. We urge all members of Congress to insist on fair drug prices for seniors and all Americans.”


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